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Surveying what appears as familiar ground, Hedy Habra's Flying Carpets plunge deep into the bygone and the irrecoverable. Steeped in childhood memories of Egypt and Lebanon, and intensified in the act of fictional recollection, Habra's stories are at once joyous and tragic, witty and profound. In Habra we have a Shehrazad of our times, not one trying to save her life, but one intent to bring enchantment, gravitas, and sensitivity to ours. This is a book full of marvels, beautifully written. --Khaled Mattawa, author of Amorisco and Tocqueville

Hedy Habra's Flying Carpets is a collection of enchantments and wonders charmingly recounted, deeply imagined, and composed with lyrical exactitude. It belongs to that rare tradition of books whose spells grow increasingly seductive with each new story. --Stuart Dybek, author of Coast of Chicago and Sailing with Magellan

Hedy Habra's moving, lovely stories emerge from her history as a Middle Eastern exposed to the varied cultures of Egypt, Lebanon, Belgium, Greece, and the United States, fluent in French, Arabic, Spanish, and English. She draws together in this volume vivid images, events, and voices in a compelling, particolored vision that evokes time and place like the haunting recollections from a dream. --Arnold Johnston, author of The Witching Voice: A Novel from the Life of Robert Burns, What the Earth Taught Us (poems), Duets: Love Is Strange (plays, with Deborah Ann Percy)

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March Street Press


Greensboro, NC


short stories, Middle East, fiction


Fiction | Near Eastern Languages and Societies


Flying Carpets won an honorable mention for the 2013 Arab American National Book Award and was a finalist for the 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Award. It was named one of five finalists in the Fiction: Short Story category from USA Book News.

Flying Carpets