Leading Contemporary Poets: An International Anthology

Leading Contemporary Poets: An International Anthology


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This anthology is the fourth in the series of international anthologies published every four years coinciding with the Olympic Games. The idea of honoring mental prowess as we do physical was initiated by Elizabeth Bartlett, a recognized poet in her own right, who edited the first three volumes of this series in 1984, 1988 and 1992. Midway in the process of preparing the fourth collection, however, Elizabeth Bartlett suddenly became ill and died in 1994. Just as unexpectedly I found myself to be the next editor for this 1996 volume. I had the privilege to act as an Associate Editor for the Central Europe portion of the 1992 volume in the series, and I am now pleased to have been asked to continue the project, one that Ms. Bartlett held so close to her heart.



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Nisula, Dasha C̆ulić., and Sunny. Jung. Leading Contemporary Poets : An International Anthology / Edited by Dasha Čulić Nisula ; Associate Editors, Sunny Jung [and Others]. 1st ed. Poetry International. Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Western Michigan University, 1997.

Leading Contemporary Poets: An International Anthology