Exposed, Nevertheless She Persisted

Exposed, Nevertheless She Persisted

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When the #MeToo movement went global in fall 2017, the world opened its eyes to the pervasive culture of workplace harassment toward women. While the media focused on abuses at powerful corporations and the Hollywood casting couch, voices of female victims in average American communities remained largely unheard. Exposed reveals, in heartbreaking detail, how the systems that run our local schools and governments can be used to shield aggressors and foster a culture of harassment and abuse. Throughout her successful career as a school counselor, Alicia Curry earned the respect of her students and colleagues. When her consensual relationship ended with the principal of the school where she was employed, a cycle of harassment and lies emerged in its place. Suddenly, Alicia was plunged into a dizzying world of accusations, depression, isolation, and mistrust. It took the fight of her life to find freedom from a hostile work environment and secure a future for herself and her young daughter. Told with clear-eyed detail and bravery, Exposed lays bare the struggle women face each day as they fight for justice in the face of workplace harassment.



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Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Exposed, Nevertheless She Persisted