The laboratory for Brain Research And Interdisciplinary Neurosciences, otherwise referred to as the BRAIN Lab, as its title indicates, is an interdisciplinary center founded to pursue primarily translational and clinical research using various neuroscience-driven methodologies.

Its primary membership is comprised of faculty from the colleges of arts and sciences, fine arts, and health and human services, representing the departments and schools of psychology, music, and occupational therapy, as well as a neurologist, currently in private practice. Affiliate members represent the colleges of education and human development, health and human services, and represent the departments and schools of exercise physiology and social work. External partners at McGill and Johns Hopkins universities are also currently engaged in foundational collaborative work with the lab.

The BRAIN Lab's focus is primarily devoted to the study of auditory cognition and music toward the development of effective and efficient clinical treatment for individuals diagnosed with neurologic disorders.


Research from 2015


The Neurochemistry and Social Flow of Singing: Bonding and Oxytocin, Jason R. Keeler, Brittany L. Neuser, John M. Spitsbergen, Daniel J.M. Waters, and John-Mary Vianney

Research from 2008


The Mozart Effect: Evidence for the Arousal Hypothesis, Edward A. Roth and Kenneth A. Roth