Date of Award


Degree Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD)


Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Johnny Anderson III

Second Advisor

Holly Grieves


Occupational therapy (OT) is an allied health profession that works with individuals on improving their engagement and performance in meaningful occupations. This doctoral capstone project (DCE) was completed at Ministry with Community (MwC), a daytime shelter and resource center. There is emerging but limited literature regarding the role of OT working within a homeless shelter setting. Additionally, individuals experiencing homelessness are at risk for occupational injustice, or restriction to engagement in meaningful life activities.

The primary goal of this DCE was to improve engagement in meaningful occupations. The focus was program development with a secondary focus on advocacy. The objectives for this project were the following:

1. Provide individualized, client-centered interventions to individual members

2. Collaborate with staff regarding member goals and care.

3. Design and offer group classes.

4. Assist with development of the restorative justice program.

The most utilized OT interventions were case management, coping skills training, chronic health condition management, and job skills training. There were fourteen intervention themes in total. This DCE describes the interventions used, outlines group intervention curriculum, and explores the relevance of occupational and restorative justice within the field of occupational therapy.