Date of Award

Spring 4-2023

Degree Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

B.S. in Interior Design


Design and Innovation

First Advisor

Dustin Altschul

Second Advisor

Kim Buchholz


College can be an exciting time in life however for many the experience can be tarnished by lack luster living conditions that amplify the negative effects on mental disorders. College is a demanding environment; for students with ADHD (Attention deficit hyper activity disorder), it is even more challenging. For people with this neuro-development disorder, executive brain functions may override healthy or effective processes that would help people to perceive time, focus, manage multiple tasks, and organize students are expected to manage school, work, a social life, chores, and more all while living alone

for the first time in most of their lives. Many college students move out of their parents’ home and live at school. While attempting to navigate the high stress environment of college, students with ADHD are put under even more stress trying to make sure their ADHD does not interfere with their success. Living at college is a challenge in itself, but for students living with ADHD it is even more difficult. In order to have an improved quality of education and overall college experience they need to have a home that aids their specific needs. Low quality housing is also connected with poor mental health development. The quality of college housing can be improved to support students’ mental wellbeing. As for students with ADHD we can make specific changes to their living environment in order to improve the issues they face. Focus on organization, eliminating external stimuli by conscientious lighting and acoustic design choices, and manufacturing an environment where these students can focus. These changes will help these student flourish in their education and personal life.