Kedzie Rutan

Date of Award

Spring 4-2023

Degree Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

B.S. in Interior Design


Design and Innovation

First Advisor

Dustin Altschul

Second Advisor

Kim Buchholz


Waiting is an unavoidable part of the commercial flying experience. From checking into the airport, navigating through the maze of security checkpoints, to checking personal belongings, every traveler experiences the ritual of waiting.

While airports aid in assisting travelers from one destination to another, airport designs and programs risk being too vast to understand differences in user sensitivity.Cultivating customer satisfaction presents a challenge in the context of air travel. The unfamiliar environment, noise levels, large crowds, long lines and changes in routine are inherent in the airport journey and can be anxiety-provoking for travelers.

Airport waiting areas are often designed to be occupied for the short term and thus undervalue user experience. Creating inclusive, wellness- centered waiting spaces would influence user satisfaction, encouraging more positive travel journeys.

This research explores the capabilities of multi-sensory design in order to redefine the waiting experience. This dialogue seeks to understand the complexities of human sensitivity and awareness by exploring the tangible and intangible design considerations that influence connection and spatial understanding.