Date of Award

Spring 4-2023

Degree Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

B.S. in Interior Design


Design and Innovation

First Advisor

Dustin Altschul

Second Advisor

Kim Buchholz


After facing trauma, young children react emotionally, physically, and mentally in efforts to protect themselves from past or present trauma that they have faced. Young children may not always be able to recognize that the dangers they once went through are roots of trauma that have not been correctly addressed within their life. These roots may now be the result of uncontrollable behaviors, emotions, and reactions. After analyzing the lack of resources some families and children may have, a space that is uniquely catered to the children who are facing or have faced trauma that provides balanced schedules, particularly focused needs for a child’s well-being, one on one time with caregivers, and space for developmental milestone growth is necessary. This center will take into consideration abuse, poverty, and parents’ mental health roles on children’s trauma and the effects it has on their age developmental milestones and emotional health.

This research evaluates childhood developmental stages and the impacts trauma has on childhood. It has been identified that not all children are emotionally, mentally, and physically best supported in traditional daycare spaces. For children who have experienced or are experiencing trauma may not find enough support within these traditional spaces. While some caregivers may have a background in providing clinical support, the surrounding environments also need to support the increased needs of children who have experienced trauma.