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A Shakespearean Tribute to Ben Jonson in Garrick's Operatic Version of A Midsummer Night's Dream


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Among the songs chosen by the composer of THE/ FAIRIES./ AN / OPERA. / TAKEN FROM / A Midsummer Night's Dream, / Written by SHAKESPEAR. / As it is Perform'd at the / Theatre-Royal in Drury Lane. [Altered by David Garrick Esqr.] The SONGS from SHAKESPEAR, MILTON, WALLER, DRYDEN, LANSDOWN, HAMMOND, &c. / The MUSIC composed by Mr. Smith // LONDON; / Printed for J. and R. TONSON and S. DRAPER / in the Strand. MDCCLV1 is one that obviously escapes title-page authorship recognition and yet is far more important than most of those already allowed for on the title-page except Shakespeare's and Milton's The AIR "But you must not long delay" (Sig. B8)


But you must not long delay. Nor be weary yet, There's no time to cast away, Or for Fairies to forget The virtue of their feet: Knotty legs and plants of clay. Seek for eare, and love delay; But with you it still should fare, As with the air, of which you are.

is an adaptation of the first song following the dance of Oberon and his knights in Jonson's Masque Oberon, The Faery Prince.

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