Article Title

Johann Drumbl and the Origin of the Quem Quaeritis: A Review Article


Anselme Davril


In lieu of an abstract, the first paragraph of the essay follows:

The first half of Johann Drumbl's Quem Quaeritis: Teatro Sacro dell'Alto Medioevo (Rome: Bulzoni, 1981) studies the origin of the Quem quaeritis and has as its thesis: "The Latin Quem quaeritis was composed about 930 under the influence of Abbot Odo of Cluny for the French monastery of St. Benoitsur- Loire, formerly called Fleury." The present reviewer, as editor of the Consuetudines Floriacenses,1 is especially interested because the citation of the Quem quaeritis from that customary is what supplies Drum.bl with support for his thesis. What follows will thus be an account of the present writer's reactions to the particular matter of the origin of the Quem Quaeritis, without attempting a complete review of the book.

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