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Recasting A Doll House: Narcissism as Character Motivation in Ibsen's Play


I am not a member of the Women's Rights League. Whatever I have . written has been without any conscious thought of making propaganda. I have been more the poet and less 1!he social philosopher than people generally seem inclined to believe. . . . To me · it has seemed a problem of mankind in general. And if you read my books carefully you will understand this. . . . My task has been the description of humanity. To be sure, whenever such a description is felt to be reasonably true, the reader will read his own feelings and sentiments into the work of the poet. These are then attributed to the poet; but incorrectly so. Every reader remolds the work beautifully and neatly, each according to his own personality. Not only those who write but also those who read are poets"' They are. collaborators.1

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