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Individual interview M1-06_Transcription, Vann corpus 1995

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This resource is a partial orthographic transcription of an individual interview originally recorded on cassette tape in Barcelona, Spain, in 1995. The person interviewed was a member of the naturally-occurring social network of a young woman who lived in Barcelona at that time whose home served as a comfortable and familiar place for the interview. The interviewer, a recent addition to the social network, was the principal investigator on a research project concerning the Spanish spoken in Barcelona. The interview was conducted in Spanish. Most of the interview is transcribed.

Genres of the communicative event represented

Elicited discourse, Planned discourse, Interview

Nature of social group represented

Naturally occurring social network


The following individuals contributed to the creation of this resource.
Principal investigators: Vann, Robert
Interviewers: Vann, Robert
Fieldworkers: M
Speakers: M1-6 + Vann, Robert
Audio recorders: Vann, Robert
Videographers: Vann, Robert
Transcribers: Manel + Vann, Robert
Other research assistants: de Andrés Marquiegui, María

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Pedralbes, Barcelona

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8 pages

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