Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy



First Advisor

Dr. Kristal Ehrhardt

Second Advisor

Dr. Galen Alessi

Third Advisor

Dr. John Austin

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Regena Falls Nelson


The primary objective of this study is to use measures of intervention integrity, intervention acceptability, and intervention effectiveness identified by Witt and Elliott (1985) to evaluate the toilet training program in a preschool classroom. The second objective is to assess the effects of parent participation with the toileting program. The third objective is to assess the effects of the toilet training intervention. Specifically, this study investigated (a) the relationship between intervention integrity, acceptability, and effectiveness of a toilet training intervention implemented in a preschool setting and at home; (b) the relationship between parental participation with the intervention and the efficacy of the program at the preschool classroom; and (c) the effects of a toilet training program that employs high levels of client involvement, consultee training, and parent participation.

Intervention integrity and intervention effectiveness were assessed by direct observation, and intervention acceptability was assessed with acceptability questionnaires. A multiple baseline design across preschool classrooms was the experimental tactic for evaluating the data collected in this project.

The results of this study support the proposed relationship between intervention integrity and intervention effectiveness found in the literature; however, this study does not support a reciprocal relationship between intervention acceptability and intervention integrity. Strong conclusions regarding the effects of parent participation cannot be offered due to the lack of parent participation as evidenced by the small number of students whose parents returned data to the preschool. Regarding the effectiveness of the toileting program, progress was made and the toileting program was effective as evidenced by the general increase in successes and decrease in accidents; however; it appears that not all of the components are necessary, specifically the use of The Big Kid Book(Holverstott, 1997).

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Dissertation-Open Access