Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Richard Zinser

Second Advisor

Dr. Louann Bierlein Palmer

Third Advisor

Dr. Joseph Kretovics


Teacher evaluations systems, perceptions, CTE Centers, Michigan, education, evaluation


This study investigated Career and Technical Centers in Michigan and their teachers’ and principals’ perceptions of their teacher evaluation systems which include a student growth mandate. CTE center teachers and principals were asked to provide their perceptions on how well their teacher evaluation systems provide information to improve teaching and learning. Differences between teachers and principals were explored.

The study was quantitative in design using survey research to obtain perceptions of CTE center teachers and principals. The data collection tool utilized a Likert scale moving from strongly disagree to strongly agree. Open-ended questions provided system quality information from respondents. Demographic data was also investigated. Quantitative analysis, including frequency, descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, and regression were employed for analysis.

Principals and teachers from 37 CTE centers in Michigan were invited to participate in the survey, with 201 (26.6%) responding. Over 90% of the respondents were teachers.

Frequency and descriptive statistics revealed the perceptions of the teacher evaluation system used in their CTE centers were not perceived by teachers as an effective teacher evaluation tool, with means of 44 of the 68 content questions at or below the midpoint of the scale. Perceptions of the evaluation system by the principals were perceived as effective, with means of 30 of the 34 content questions at or above the midpoint of the scale. Statistical differences between teachers an faculty were identified, with the principals’ perception significantly more positive in all categories. Various input variables were found to be predictors of perceptions of teachers’ performances.

The results of this study suggest that both teachers and principals agree the evaluation system used in their CTE centers is not a tool to better specifically diagnose teaching and learning. There is, however, a significant difference in perception between teachers and principals on how effective their individual evaluation is.

Recommendations for improvements to the CTE teacher evaluation system are provided.

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Dissertation-Open Access