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Doctor of Philosophy




Double photoionization studies of atoms and molecules are new state-of-the-art studies providing a deeper knowledge of multi-electron excitations. This typeof work advances the understanding of many-body problems. Double photoionization of atoms is of great interest to learn about electron-electron correlation and relaxation effects in atoms and molecules. In order to study double photoionization processes, a new electron-electron coincidence apparatus was built to carry out the measurements. I will present the apparatus I built as well as the results of the measurement of the triply-differential-cross-section (TDCS) for the predicted interference and Post-Collision-Interaction (PCI) effects in the Xenon N5O2,3 O2,3 Auger decay after 4d5/2 photoionization. Furthermore I present measurements for direct double photoionization of Helium at various photon energies.

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Dissertation-Open Access