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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Mary Anne Bunda

Second Advisor

Dr. Patrick Jenlink

Third Advisor

Dr. Robert Brashear


The purpose of this study was (a) to investigate the interrelations of faculty satisfaction with the functions of teaching with research and service, and research with service across Venezuelan teacher colleges, and (b) to determine if there were significant differences between faculty satisfaction with their position functions relative to teaching, research, and service across teacher college campuses of Venezuela. Randomly selected full-time faculty members from the Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libertador, composed of seven branches, were the sample (N^ = 234). The satisfaction of faculty regarding teaching, research, and service were compared across different capital city, state capital city, and rural city campuses. Sixty-nine members of each category completed the Faculty Satisfaction Questionnaire (FSQ) developed by the researcher as well as a demographic identification form. Items of the FSQ gathered from the literature were subjected to a panel of experts review and field testing. The FSQ items provided evidence of the validity and reliability of the measures (teaching r = .76, research r = .86, and service r = .83).

There is a positive correlation between satisfaction with teaching and satisfaction with research, and satisfaction with teaching and satisfaction with service. Also, a positive correlation was found between satisfaction with research and satisfaction with service. The ex post facto design for the research Question 2 using the analysis of variance, at .05 level of significance, revealed that (a) no evidence was found to support a difference among capital city, state city, and rural city faculty in their satisfaction with the position function of teaching; (b) rural city faculty members were the most satisfied group with the position function of research; and (c) state city faculty members were the least satisfied group with the position function of service.

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Dissertation-Open Access