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Doctor of Philosophy



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Dr. William K. Redmon

Second Advisor

Dr. Alyce Dickinson

Third Advisor

Dr. M. Michele Burnette

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Donald E. Thompson


The nominal group technique (NGT) was modified and implemented in an educational setting. Procedures included (a) targeting and voting on the most important issue, (b) generating a list of possible solutions and providing rationales, and (c) completing a final report as a group consensus.

The effects of individual feedback and group feedback on the NGT were examined. Group 1 received individual feedback followed by group feedback, and Group 2 received group feedback followed by individual feedback.

Twenty undergraduates served as subjects and participated in problem solving tasks in which individual feedback and group feedback were provided on the subjects' written and verbal responses. Each subject's response on each issue was categorized as either an excellent response, good response, poor response, or no response. Each category of response was assigned a point value (i.e., 3, 2, 1, 0, respectively). Each subject privately received a written feedback form consisting of the number of points earned in each component of the group process, total points earned, the percentage earned, and the grade earned for the day.

A repeated measure one-factor analysis of variance was used to compare performance during baseline, group, and individual conditions for each group separately.

For Group 1, performance during individual feedback was significantly better than during baseline; additionally, performance during group feedback was significantly better than during individual feedback. For Group 2, performances during individual feedback differed significantly from baseline. However, group feedback performances did not differ from baseline or individual feedback performances.

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