Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Charles C. Warfield

Second Advisor

Dr. Uldis Smidchens

Third Advisor

Dr. Lewis Walker


This study, using a modified Delphi method, generated and measured the perception of importance for twenty-three competencies needed for the effective leadership of a local affiliate of the National Urban League. Second, the study sought to determine which of the competencies were performed, shared, delegated or not performed at the respective affiliates. Third, the study sought to determine the extent to which selected demographic factors were related to the perception of importance. Last, the study sought to build a consensus as to the importance of the competencies.

The perceptions of the importance of the twenty-three competencies on a four point scale were the dependent parameters and the independent parameters were gender, age, time at current affiliate, first assignment, number of Urban Leagues served as CEO, Urban League experience prior to becoming a CEO, prior non-Urban League executive experience, education, current student status, health status, region, and affiliate size.

Competencies were ranked according to perception of importance and ranked by the amount of agreement. Pearson product-moment correlation coefficients were calculated to determine the relationship between perception of importance and selected demographics. ANOVA and t test were performed. No clear pattern emerged across all dependent parameters.

Access Setting

Dissertation-Open Access