Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Charles C. Warfield

Second Advisor

Dr. Owen B. Middleton

Third Advisor

Dr. Lawrence B. Schlack

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Robert Brashear


At the present time, junior colleges do not have technical programs that would provide trained Saudis to assume responsibility in technical and middle management fields. The purpose of this study was to establish the degree of interest for new technical instructional programs at Taif Junior College to meet those needs.

The population of this study consisted of all students attending the college for the academic school year 1984-85. A sample of 255 was selected by using a simple random method. Data were collected utilizing a two-section questionnaire which has been developed by the researcher. The first section focused on demographic information while the second section dealt with selected values of education. The questionnaire was distributed to 300 subjects, of which 255 questionnaires were completed and returned to the researcher. Data were tabulated and analyzed using frequencies and percentages and reported as descriptive information. Since 9 of the 13 items (69.2%) had responses in the desired direction, it was concluded that there is an interest for developing new technical instructional programs at Taif Junior College. Further research in this area is recommended in order to know what types of technical programs would accommodate the needs of development in Saudi Arabia throughout the Fourth Five-Year Plan, 1985-1990.

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Dissertation-Open Access