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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Mary Anne Bunda

Second Advisor

Dr. Adrian Edwards

Third Advisor

Dr. Richard Munsterman


All levels of public and private education have been affected by difficult economic times. Much attention has been paid to the financial plight of public schools, but less research has been undertaken regarding the financial operation of parochical schools.

The purpose of this study was to investigate one aspect of the financial operation of one church's school system. Specifically, the research examined the opinions of incumbents of five different positions within the Seventh-day Adventist Church and school system concerning the potential of within and outside of school strategies for the operation of boarding schools. Within school strategies were defined as those operating strategies that are under the control of school administrators and would be facilitated at the school level. Outside of school strategies were those that were outside of the control of school administrators, and the focus of activity was outside of the school.

The five different positions represented five key decision-making positions responsible for Seventh-day Adventist boarding schools. The five positions were: conference presidents, conference treasurers, education superintendents, boarding school principals, and boarding school business managers.

Financial strategies drafted as items gathered from the literature and a panel of experts, were subjected to pilot and field tests. These tests provided evidence of the validity and reliability of the measures. The instrument was mailed to the participants who were defined as persons in the five positions as they occurred in the United States, except those who were part of the field test.

There were two hypotheses studied. The two hypotheses in their null form stated that there would be no significant difference in opinion among the five positions concerning within or outside of school strategies. A one-way analysis of variance was the method of analysis. The null hypotheses were retained in this research.

Because of nonrejection of the null hypotheses, few conclusions concerning systematic differences could be reached. No evidence exists that would indicate a difference of opinion or perception among the five positions regarding within or outside of school operating strategies. Both inside and outside strategies are seen as having moderate potential for success.

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Dissertation-Open Access