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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Uldis Smidchens

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Dr. Lawrence Schlack

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Dr. Shirley Van Hoeven


The main purpose of this study was to determine what some of the factors are that have an affect upon the maintenance of an innovation. Many educational change models focus upon the initiation and implementation of educational innovations in schools. This study tested some of the factors identified, from the literature review as affecting innovation maintenance, upon one innovation which is being used by teachers in several school districts. The first factor centered upon the concerns teachers have about an innovation they use in their classrooms. The second factor centered upon teachers' perceptions of the organizational climate that exists which supports their innovation maintenance efforts. Classroom teachers need to be given feedback pertaining to those factors believed to be affecting the maintenance of an innovation they use, because it gives them valuable decision-making information regarding continued use of that innovation. Previous research studies have not focused upon the innovation maintenance efforts of teachers.

Teachers were asked to complete a questionnaire booklet that asked their current concerns regarding the innovation being studied, and their perceptions of the organizational climate present which supported their innovation maintenance efforts. The questionnaires' responses were compiled and analyzed in the following areas: teacher concerns versus maintenance level, perceptions of organizational leadership versus maintenance level, and perceptions of organizational ownership versus maintenance level.

The conclusions drawn from conducting this study indicate that the concerns teachers have about an innovation are related to their level of maintenance for that innovation. Teachers possess different concerns depending upon whether they are a high or low level maintainer of the innovation. The results also indicate that teachers believe that the organizational leadership and ownership dimensions of organizational climate are important to maintaining an innovation. However, no differences could be found between the high and low level maintainer teacher groups analyzed in this study.

Future studies researching the concept of innovation maintenance are needed and encouraged. Studies which focus upon specific innovations used by teachers can provide additional information useful in understanding the concept of innovation maintenance. Future research can incorporate using the same data collection instruments used in this study.

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