Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Richard E. Munsterman

Second Advisor

Dr. Darrell Jones

Third Advisor

Dr. Ken Dickie


The need to study financial planning processes in institutions of higher education is demonstrated by the lack of information in the literature regarding perceptions of financial planning processes. During the current period of stress on educational institutions, an effective and efficient financial planning process can only be considered a benefit to the institution it serves.

Consequently, this investigation attempted to describe current financial planning prcesses in a selected number of private colleges within Michigan and to evaluate their financial planning processes as perceived by their administrators. This was done by identifying attitudes regarding the worth (effectiveness and efficiency), change dimension, and congruence as related to their ratings of process characteristics. The instrument designed for the study measured the respondents' perceptions of worth, change, congruence, and process characteristics.

The methodology used for this investigation was an ex post facto field study with a questionnaire on financial planning processes being the primary method of data collection. Descriptive information was also collected. The basic sampling units for the study were selected private colleges with enrollments of 1,000 or larger. The response rate of the study was 69%.

The independent variables were process characteristics. The perceptions of worth, change, and congruence represented the dependent variables. Research questions were developed to guide the investigation. The research questions were examined through hypotheses testing.

The results of the data analysis led to the following conclusions about financial planning processes in private colleges in Michigan: (1) There was a direct relationship between "good" process characteristics and perceptions of process worth, change, and congruence. (2) The results of the study also suggested that it does not seem to make any difference in the type of process involved as long as the perceived "good" characteristics were present.

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Dissertation-Open Access