Professional Development Experiences of Indiana K-12 Public School Teachers: Evidence from the SASS 2007-2008

Date of Award


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Doctor of Education


Educational Leadership, Research and Technology

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Dr. Van E. Cooley


Education, Continuing; Education, Teacher Training; Education, Policy


This investigation examines the professional development perceptions and experiences of public school teachers in the state of Indiana. This study is unique in two regards as it: (1) uses restricted data; and (2) exclusively studies the professional development experiences of public school teachers in the State of Indiana. By analyzing a national data set, the 2007--2008 Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), this study provides a snapshot of the recent state of professional learning among public school teachers in the State of Indiana. Results of this study may track trends in professional development since the 2003--2004 SASS administration. Researchers can compare the findings of this study to previous studies regarding Indiana teachers' participation in professional development. Indiana established goals for its students to meet or exceed achievement levels of their international counterparts. Policymakers may use the results of this study to monitor and assess the funding of future professional development programming in the State of Indiana.

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Dissertation-Open Access

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