Oral History Interview with Mujahid on November 14, 2020


Oral History Interview with Mujahid on November 14, 2020



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Walid, Zayd; Perkins, Dr. Alisa (Research Director)


Oral history interview with Mujahid conducted by Zayd Walid on November 14, 2020. Interview written by Dr. Alisa Perkins (Research Director) and Zayd Walid. Mujahid was born in Highland Park, Michigan. He was raised in Detroit, and spent significant time with family in the South as he grew up. Mujahid was brought up as a Muslim, as the child and grandchild of Muslims. His late father, Imam Luqman Abdullah, founded Masjid Al-Haqq in the 1980s and was a beloved and influential leader in Detroit who was extremely active in community-building until he was assassinated by the police in 2009. Mujahid grew up in Masjid Al-Haqq community and attended Islamic parochial school within the mosque. Mujahid discovered his talent for music at an early age and became a successful hip-hop artist. In the interview, Mujahid describes growing up in Detroit as a Muslim and his career as a musician. Based on his experience, he explains the importance of African-American Muslim youth maintaining a strong identity. Mujahid also reflects on how the members of Masjid Al-Haqq continue to honor his father’s legacy by providing food and shelter for those living around the mosque as well as serving as stewards for the neighborhood.

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Detroit, MI (Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center)


Imam Luqman Abdullah, African-American history, African-American Muslims, Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, Arabic language education, Atlanta, CAIR-Michigan, Cass Mosque, Dave Chapelle, COINTELPRO, Council for American-Islamic Relations, Dar Al-Islam, Detroit, Florida, Food distribution, Food security, H. Rap Brown, Hajj, Halal food, Hip-hop music, Historic Masjid Wali Muhammad, Identity, Islam, Islam in America, Islamic parochial school, Islamic ritual slaughter, Islamic studies, Madrasa Al-Haqq, Martial arts, Masjid Al-Fatihah, Masjid Al-Haqq, Michigan, Muhammad’s Mosque #1, Music career, Muslim Americans, Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center, Muslim sports camp, Neighborhood revitalization, New York, Prison ministry, Prisoner advocacy, Prophet Muhammad, Religious leadership, Soup kitchen, University Islamic Center of Detroit, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Dawud Walid, Zabihah


African American Studies | Africana Studies | American Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Digital Humanities | Inequality and Stratification | Islamic Studies | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Politics and Social Change | Race and Ethnicity | Religion | Urban Studies and Planning


Interview conducted by Zayd Walid at the Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center. Interview written by Dr. Alisa Perkins (Research Director) and Zayd Walid. Interview recorded under the direction of Supervising Producer Malikah Shabazz. Videography by Abdul-Zahir Sadid, facilitated by Renee Mohamed. Video Edited by: Mandy Weiss. Transcribed by: Zarin Farook and Dr. Alisa Perkins. Transcription edited by: Dr. Alisa Perkins. Metadata prepared by: Sophia Wimberley. Metadata edited by: Dr. Alisa Perkins



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Oral History Interview with Mujahid on November 14, 2020