Oral History Interview with Nickie Graves Henderson on June 22, 2021 and July 13, 2021


Oral History Interview with Nickie Graves Henderson on June 22, 2021 and July 13, 2021



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Henderson, Nickie D. Graves


Yousif-Ahmad, Zainab; Perkins, Dr. Alisa (Research Director)


All video segments are in the same file. Oral history interview with Nickie D. Graves Henderson (formerly Nikki D. Graves Shakoor) conducted by Zainab Yousif-Ahmad on June 22, 2021 and July 13, 2021. Interview written by Dr. Alisa Perkins (Research Director) and Zainab Yousif-Ahmad. Nickie D. Graves Henderson was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 7, 1948 to parents who hailed from Arkansas and moved to Michigan in the 1930s as part of the Great Migration. As a teenager, Henderson gained admission to the prestigious Cass Technical High School in downtown Detroit, graduating at sixteen years old. Henderson worked as a telephone operator at Michigan Bell and attended Wayne County Community College. As a young adult, Henderson reverted from Christianity to Islam. She attended Historic Masjid Wali Muhammad and taught at the mosque-affiliated Sister Clara Muhammad School. In 1987, she graduated from Sienna Heights College with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science. With the support of a National Urban Fellowship award, she then attended City University of New York (CUNY) where she graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration. Henderson then moved to Cleveland, Ohio to work for the Department of Human Services, where she creatively responded to the needs of unhoused people. Returning to Detroit, she worked at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, where she integrated African-American history into the museum’s exhibits. In 1981, Henderson founded the League of Muslim Women (LMW) alongside six other women: Dr. Cheryl El-Amin, Tahira Hassanein Khalid, Sharifa Hud, Sahirah Muhammad, Dr. Viola Vaughn, and Georgia Wahid. Henderson served as the LMW’s president for its first ten years, when the organization primarily focused on providing Islamic social services to Detroit residents in need. The organization inspired the development of the International League of Muslim (ILWM), which currently has chapters nationwide and an international presence. In its first ten years, with Henderson as president, the League of Muslim Women in Detroit established several residential housing facilities for Muslim seniors and women in need, collected and distributed winter clothing, set up a food pantry and soup kitchen, and organized fundraisers including modest fashion shows, skating parties, and annual dinners. The LMW also established an educational exchange program to promote mutual learning between teenagers from Togo, West Africa and the United States. Henderson pursued doctoral studies at the University of Maryland College Park in Washington DC. She currently works as history project director at the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation in Falls Church, where she helps preserve the legacy of African Americans in the area. In this interview, Henderson reflects on the challenges and joys of establishing the League of Muslim Women, and the enduring friendships among its founders. Henderson also details her long and successful career trajectory, focusing on her current efforts to elevate African-American history.

Date of Interview

Summer 2021

Location of Interview

Detroit, MI (Interview conducted over Zoom)


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African American Studies | Africana Studies | American Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Digital Humanities | Inequality and Stratification | Islamic Studies | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Politics and Social Change | Race and Ethnicity | Religion | Urban Studies and Planning


All video segments in the same file. Interview parts 1 and 2 conducted over Zoom by Zainab Yousif-Ahmad. Interview written by Dr. Alisa Perkins (Research Director) and Zainab Yousif-Ahmad, facilitated by Dr. Alisa Perkins. Video Edited by: Alexis Collis. Transcribed by: Delaney Novak. Transcription edited by: Dr. Alisa Perkins. Metadata prepared by: Hannah Cole. Metadata edited by: Dr. Alisa Perkins and Sophia Wimberley.



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Oral History Interview with Nickie Graves Henderson on June 22, 2021 and July 13, 2021