Interview with Phyllis Seabolt, Part 1

Interview with Phyllis Seabolt, Part 1


Phyllis Seabolt


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Chandler Smith


Part 1 of two part interview with Phyllis Seabolt recorded on February 11, 2013. Seabolt is interviewed by Kalamazoo College student Chandler Smith as a part of SHARE's (formerly known as the Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society) Baldwin Archive Engaging the Wisdom Project with Kalamazoo College. During the interview Seabolt discusses the following topics:

  • Background of the historical figure after whom she was named, Phillis Wheatley;
  • The importance of education;
  • The ways in which her parents combatted racism and discrimination;
  • The role of the Baptist church in family and community life;
  • Experiences attending and teaching at Western Michigan University;
  • Experience working as domestic help in exchange for room and board during college year;
  • Experiences with discrimination despite academic excellence;
  • Teaching in the Kalamazoo Public Schools;
  • Protests in Kalamazoo during the Civil Rights Era;
  • Achievements in the black community in Kalamazoo;
  • Challenges and inequalities that persist to this day despite civil rights accomplishments.

Additional files include full transcription and abstract (includes content timestamps).

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Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI


Engaging the Wisdom


Oral History, Kalamazoo Michigan, African American History, Western Michigan University


African American Studies | Education | Inequality and Stratification | Oral History | Race and Ethnicity | Social Justice


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The Engaging the Wisdom project was made possible by Ms. Donna Odom (retired SHARE Executive Director), Dr. Bruce Mills (Kalamazoo College History Department) and Kalamazoo College students.



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Interview with Phyllis Seabolt, Part 1