Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


An Evaluation of the Universal Magnephot Densichron as a Reflectometer, Opacimeter and Color Analyzing Device

This paper is a report on the evaluation of the Universal Magnephot Densichron, an electronic photocell instrument developed for the photographic industry, for use in the paper industry. This instrument has been found to have several errors which make its use impractical for research work in the laboratory, but it can be used in paper mills for control purposes. If this used for this type of work certain precautions have to be taken as outlined. The major portion of this paper deals with the possibility of this instrument being used as a device for the study and control of color in the paper industry using the Tristimulus Method of Colorimetry. It has been found that this instrument does not give as good a result as other instruments that are being used today for this type of work. Though the Densichron can not be used in the study and analysis of color, it could be used for mill control work with papers white, near white and light pastels provided standardization of the instrument is watched and checked at certain intervals. With refinements by the manufacturer this instrument can find a place in the paper industry for Brightness testing, reflectance testing and opacity testing as well as color analyzing testing and study.