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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The area of study during this research was the effect of the marine polymer chitosan addition rate on strength properties, and retention characteristics. Two machine trials were run on the WMU twin ply former using old corrugated container (O.C.C.).

Machine run # 1 consisted of running a 1% chitosan solution at 0, 6, 16, 18#/ton. Run # 2 also used a 1% chitosan solution but lower addition rates of 0, 2, 5#/ton. The chitosan was added to the thick stock prior to the fan pump for both runs. No comparisons between the runs were made.

Conclusions from both runs include: 1) strength exhibits a statistically sound increase with increasing addition rate (run #1 between 16 and 18#/ton appears to be the only exception where strength generally decreases), and 2) cross machine direction properties remain relatively unchanged regardless of addition level.