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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


Research was conducted to determine the effect of press drying on the physical properties of handsheets made from groundwood, corrugated material, and various mixes of groundwood and corrugated material. During this study, press dried handsheets were compared to conventionally dried handsheets.

There was a difference in handsheet properties as the blend ratio of corrugated-to-groundwood stock changed. Strength related properties were positively affected by the amount of corrugated material present for both press dried and conventionally dried handsheets. The press dried sheets had higher burst factor and tear factor as corrugated content increased. Burst factor, elongation, and tear factor increased with increasing corrugated material for the conventionally dried sheets.

Press drying was seen to be beneficial to strength development in handsheets. Tensile and bursting strength were greatly enhanced by press drying. However, press drying was detrimental to tearing strength and stiffness.

Increased bonding in the press dried sheets results in the higher breaking length and burst factor, and lower tear factor. The greater stiffness of the conventionally dried handsheets is caused by the higher caliper of these sheets compared to the press dried handsheets.

Keywords: press drying, conventional drying, groundwood, corrugated material, strength properties