Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


The following work pertains to the correlation of the Industrial Nucleonics Moistron moisture meter and the General Electric Inframike. The readings from these two devices were compared to each other and to moisture on an oven dry basis. The moisture readings were taken on a furnish of a 50-50 hardwood, softwood mixture which had various additives added by means of metering pumps. The basis weights of the furnishes were varied for each of the additives.

The readings on the Moistron were not taken from the machine chart but rather from a calibration tape placed below said chart. The General Electric Inframike readings were taken on the basis of a rough standardization with the CENCO moisture determining device (an infrared drying lamp).

The readings of the two meters correlated quite closely in that the amount of the change from one furnish to another was about the same. The readings of the Moistron and that of the oven dry moisture were quite close; whereas, the readings on the Inframike varied from the oven dry moisture by about two per cent moisture. As the amount of additives and the basis weight increase, the readings of the meters vary more across the sheet. This is also shown in the oven dry readings were a little farther from the Inframike than those of the Moistron. This can be expected for the Inframike and could also be expected with the Moistron.