Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Robert A. Diehm


This study concerns the area of pulping, using an oxygen-hot caustic-magnesium carbonate system. The literature study includes the use of a similar system by French scientists in the bleaching of pulps. The few who have worked in the pulping field using oxygen are also cited, but apparently no one has investigated an oxygen-hot caustic-magnesium carbonate pulping system.

In this study, red pine chips have been treated under varying conditions of oxygen pressure and magnesium carbonate concentrations and tested for brightness, yield, permangenate number, mullen and tensile strength. It was found that the oxygen-caustic pulping system had no advantages over the hot caustic system. The oxygen-hot caustic-magnesium carbonate system though, seems to produce a brighter pulp with equal or better strength properties.

Recommendations have been made, which include the study of the reaction mechanism of this system.