Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


By subjecting reclaimed paper stock to high consistency refining (HCR) the strength of the paper was developed, without having an adverse effect on the drainage. HCR was performed on the stock at (29% ± 1%) consistency in a Bauer single disc refiner. The HCR stock was compared to conventional refining at 4.5% consistency, which was also refined in the disc refiner.

It was shown that the conventional refining of the paper stock has an adverse effect on drainage because it developed a large percentage of fines and shives. It is believed that these were developed because the reclaimed paper stock fiber is less flexible and that the conventional refining is a more severe process than HCR. When refining the paper stock under high consistency conditions the mullen and tensile were developed without producing the fines and shives, and therefore the drainage was not effected.