Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


Binder migration or the nonuniform distribution of binder is a coating problem for many printing grades of coated paper. Binder migration causes mottle, dusting, non-porous coating and other problems in printing paper. Also, many coating dryers have extra capacity that cannot be utilized. The extra capacity goes wasted because at higher drying rates unacceptable binder migration would result.

If binder migration could be controlled, coated paper with better printing characteristics could be produced at higher speeds. This would result in a better product operating at higher speeds and a more satisfactory product to the printers.

The objective of this thesis was to study the effects of different drying ratios applied to the top and bottom sides of a coated paper. This objective was attempted by treating the two sides of the sheet independently with respect to drying. A special dryer was built to dry the coated sheets. The sheets were dried with 100%, 50% and 0% of the dryer air applied to the top. Then the samples were tested to evaluate binder migration.

This thesis showed that the sheets dried with air to the top and bottom were superior to those dried from one direction. This was not proven to be due to controlled binder migration. It did support the possibility that binder migration can be reduced.