Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Brian Scheller


Paper Coating attempts to create a smooth and even surface for improved optical and printing sheet performance. Trials were conducted using a blade application on a Cylindrical Laboratory Coater. Two different blade extensions were analyzed. These extensions were key variables that influenced blade forces.

Currently, to achieve a range of coat weights on a sheet, only the trial and error method is performed during a run. The future goal in mind was to have a computer simulation that could make predictions of coat weights without performing the actual trial. This study was conducted to lay the groundwork for future analysis in hope of achieving this long range goal.

A modeling technique was used to relate actual data to predictive data. From this technique, a positive correlation existed between actual data and modeling expectations. The best correlation was due to highly constrained geometries resulting from high run-in settings over the small blade extension. For future study, it is quite possible to establish a computer simulation technique, but it would have to be paper substrate specific and require numerous trials to eliminate all deviations.