Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


In this study, the effect of fines and filler content on a forward centricleaner's contaminant removal efficiency is evaluated. The paper industry has assumed that centricleaner contaminant removal efficiency is not influenced by the presence of clay or fines. However, it has never been documented. Thus, at the paper machine, centricleaners operate at the same efficiency at 1.0% consistency with 15 or 30% clay. The same assumption has also been made with fines content in the white water loop, which can vary from day to day depending on what specific grade is being made. This thesis has concentrated on whether or not this assumption is true. The results indicate an increase in contaminant removal efficiency as the fines level increases. increase. However, the effect of filler content nullifies this As filler content increases, the contaminant removal efficiency decreases.