Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Richard Flores


This thesis was designed to determine the effects of moisture variations before the size press, and its effects on strength properties. This experiment involved laboratory experimentation along with a paper program pilot plant two day trial.

The results from the laboratory data revealed that an increased moisture content into the size press resulted in an increase in overall strength content for tests including tear, burst, and fold. The pilot plant trial data showed a specific window effect, in that at very low/high moisture levels entering the size press, a significant decrease in strength could be seen.

It was also found that upon increased moisture content, an increased weight of starch was picked up by the web, however, this had little effect on overall strength properties. Finally, by completion of a mass and energy balance, it was determined that a consecutive increase in energy was needed to reach the lower moisture levels entering the size press; taking into account that moisture was held constant at the reel. This led to steam optimization which could be seen in ($/year).