Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


An evaluation is presented as to the process effects of the asphalt dispersion unit at the Mead Corporation's Otsego Paperboard Mill. The parameters investigated were: steam consumption, refining load, production rate, temperature of process, machine cleanliness and sheet properties such as appearance, caliper, moisture, stiffness, and mullen plybonds. The procedures used are presented and the results are included as daily averages in tables and graphs. The asphalt dispersion units effects were determined by comparison of data taken when the unit was operating as opposed to when the unit was shutdown and by passed.

It was found that there was a substantial decrease in steam usage. The production rate and refining were not adversely affected as was expected. The sheet appearance was poor when the A.D. was off and the caliper and moisture relationships were inconclusive. The board was also stiffer and had a higher ply bond strength when A.D. is off. It was recommended that this mill can, with the grades manufactured, operate without the asphalt dispersion unit.

The complicating factor was that the A.D. unit uses only turbine exhaust steam which must be generated regardless.