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Paper Science and Engineering


A literature search showed that although much work has been done on the mechanism of coating migration (1, 3, 5) and the influence of base sheet properties on migration (2, 8). No reports were found on the influence of different surface sizes on coating migration. The functions of a surface size in coating base stock is threefold. First, it is to resist excessive water penetration so that the sheet will retain sufficient strength for the coating operation. Second, the smoothness which it imparts is beneficial to further printing processes, especially in the case of offset. The third function of a surface size is to resist penetration of the base sheet by the coating binder. If excessive binder migration is present, a flaky coating can occur, resulting in dusting problems during printing. On the other hand, if little binder migration is present, the coating will be loosely held to the base sheet yielding a low pick resistance. This paper is designed to study the effects of three surface sizes, Penford Gum 280, polyvinylalcohol, and carboxymethylcellulose, with special emphasis on their effects to coated sheet properties.