Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


Gloss ink holdout is a description of an end result of a process involving many variables. The variables are the receptivity or absorbancy of the sheet for ink, the rate of penetration of the ink into the sheet, and the amount and type of ink used.

This experiment kept the amount and type of ink constant and looked at the absorbancy of the sheet and the penetration of the ink into the sheet.

The IGT Printability Tester was used to apply the ink, an infrared heat lamp to dry the sample, and the Hunter lab Glossmeter to measure the gloss. The sample sheets were evaluated after different ink penetration periods.

The results showed that as penetration time increased the ink gloss decreased. The longer the ink was on the press, the lower the ink gloss. Also the amount of adhesive in the coating and the type of sheet, whether offset, letterpress, or rotogravure, influences the results.