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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


The recent trend of industry toward materials cost savings and environmental control encourages research in the area of total-tree utilization. One possible way to utilize the whole tree is by harvesting with the Metro Chip Harvester. The development of the Metro Chip Harvester prompted this work which primarily was concerned with comparison of various blends of standard Aspen chips and Metro Harvester Aspen chips. One possible use for Metro Harvester chips in the production of corrugating medium.

The results of this work indicate that there is a possibility that 25% Metro Harvester chips can be used in a corrugating medium furnish. Unfortunately the largest loss in strength occurs between 0 and 50% Metro Harvester chips. This work was accomplished without screening, hence, there is a possibility that more than 25% Metro Harvester chips can be used if proper screening is employed.

The use of Metro Harvester chips for Semi Chemical corrugating medium could be beneficial from an economic standpoint, but also from an environmental standpoint. This can be accomplished by utilizing bark and other wood wastes rather than burning them or using them for landfill.