Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


This study was designed to verify the assumption that the galvanic cell oxygen analyser can be used as a substitute for the Winkler method in determining the dissolved oxygen content of paper mill effluent. The purpose also includes an attempt to show that dissolved oxygen determinations made by either the Winkler method or by the galvanic cell oxygen analyser are of the same magnitude and can be compared directly. The assumption that this is possible has been based upon extensive tests on solutions containing various spent sulfite liquor wastes at various concentrations. These tests show that the electrode measurements are actually a better indication of oxygen content than the Winkler method, at least at high concentrations of the spent sulfite liquors.

An attempt was made in this study to show that little or no deviation is involved between the Winkler and electrode measurements involving paper mill wastes, and thus the above mentioned substitution can be made with the galvanic cell.