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Bachelor of Science


A carboxylated latex is formed by substituting carboxylic acid groups onto styrene/butadiene latex particles, thus displacing the emulsifying agent to a certain degree. This will lead to a more stable system with increased binding power for use in coating systems. The purpose of this study was to determine how variations in the degree of carboxylation affect the IGT picking resistance of a coated sheet.

The experiment consisted of making nine different coating formulations with both latex addition level and degree of carboxylation being varied. These formulations were applied to a paper substrate by the use of the Keagan coater. Testing of the sheets was done on the IGT Pick Resistance tester.

Results of testing indicate that as the degree of carboxylation increases, the resistance to picking increases as well. Data also indicates that after the initial carboxylation occurs, the rate at which the picking resistance increases levels out to a certain extent.

Keywords: IGT Pick, latex, carboxylation, coating