Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

First Advisor

Dr. John R. Fanselow


This survey of literature concerning surface sizing has been undertaken in an effort to compile in one paper the importance of surface sizing on strength properties, particularly tensile and tear.

The use of starch in the modification of surface characteristics of a writing medium may actually be older than the art of paper manufacture itself. A considerable amount of literature on surface sizing showing the effect on surface improvements of the paper sheet is available, but very little work has been undertaken to study the effect of surface sizing on tensile and tear.

Both their strength properties increased on surface sizing with low viscosity oxidized potato starch as compared to high viscosity starch, in which the latter case no significant effect was observed. High viscosity starch did not penetrate the sheet of paper, but rather stayed on the surface. This study showed that calendering after sizing operations should be reduced to a minimum to get improved tensile and tear. Otherwise, both these properties are appreciably reduced.