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Bachelor of Science


The dynamic press simulator has great potential to become a reliable tool in the study of wet pressing. This instrumental allows the researcher to duplicate wet press nip conditions in the laboratory.

I was unable to complete my planned study concerning the relationship between refining and wet pressing as they effect the development of fiber bonding because of equipment failure. The press loadings and drop heights used in my experiment caused the development of stresses which exceeded the press simulators design limitations.

If the dynamic press simulator is to be used to study the wide range of pressing conditions found in the Paper Industry today, design modifications must be made to increase its load sustaining ability. Such modifications would include expanding the base of the simulator to a four post configuration to increase structural rigidity, housing the bearings directly inside the hammer plate eliminating external bearing housing and distributing the load weight over the entire width of the hammer plate to decrease deflections in impact caused by central loading. Finally, the ratchets in the catching mechanism must be extended to perform their function at greater rebound heights.