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Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

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Dr. R. A. Diehm



It would seem apparent that a brief explanation of the term "brush finishing of paper" is in order before dealing extensively with our literature survey. Although brush finishing is not a new term, it has never been dealt with in its true sense as a means of finishing paper in the paper industry.

Brush-enamel papers were developed and used extensively in the second half of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century. The new development came from Germany and as the art of paper coating had been developed there to a high degree, the brush-polishing process which was first used for single sheets and later on full webs by the Germans soon was brought to the United States.

This was the first instance which involved coating the sheet with a compound which could be burnished to a high polish by the brush machine. But, as in several other cases using the brush finisher or brush polisher, a supercalender effect was desired to put an extra gloss on the finished sheet.