Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


In recent years, the possibility of using synthetic latices as adhesives in the paper coating industry has caused much interest. The manufacturers of latices uncovered a new market by fostering developmental research in the field of pigment coating binders. Polyvinyl acetate latices were one of the group of products studied in this manner.

In the past, experts in the field of coating believed that synthetic latices could contribute substantial improvements to some optical properties of coated papers over and above that of conventional adhesives. It was also felt that synthetic latices could exhibit higher pigment binding power than conventional adhesives.

Recently, Hsia (1) found that polyvinyl acetate latex produced significant improvements of optical properties of coated papers over and above those of conventional casein based coatings. However, the pigment binding power of casein was found to higher than that of the polyvinyl acetate latex used by Hsia. The purpose of this study was to explore further, the significant results of Hsia's investigation.