Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

First Advisor

R. T. Elias



Some paper, because of their use requirements are required to be porous and absorbent to liquids, particularly water. Examples of these papers are paper towels, blotters and filter paper. Most papers, however, are required to be resistant to the passage of acquous liquids or vapor. Writing papers, moisture resistant bags, waxed paper and many other classes of paper too numerous to mention fall into the latter groups of papers.

The required degree of resistance to the penetration of aqueous liquids or vapors is brought about through the process of sizing. Sizing may be defined as the addition of materials to the furnish for paper or board in such a manner that these materials increase the resistance of the sheet to penetration by liquids or vapors. In order to make paper less absorbent it is necessary to more or less coat the individual fibers with materials which are water resistant. It is possible to accomplish sizing with several different materials which are commonly used. Sizing may be classified either as "Beater" or "Surface" sizing.