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Bachelor of Science


The object of this study is to determine the roles of the drying variable and solids content of the sheet in the ASA sizing mechanism. Handsheets were produced according to the Western Michigan University Standard Hardsheet Procedure for Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride (ASA) sized sheets. A control value of 346 seconds was set drying sheets in a forced draft oven at 221F (105C) for 60 minutes. Additional handsheets were then dried on a hot plate at one of the following temperatures: 100-120F, 200-210F, 317F or 475F, and they experienced vastly reduced sizing levels. Sheets were also fed into the drying stage at varied solids levels. Tests indicated the dependency of the resulting sizing level on drying temperature and rate of water removal. Also indicated by the results was the necessity of cationic starch as a retention aid. The data showed conclusively that ASA sized handsheets are two-sided and that the higher degree of sizing is obtained on the wire side. Also, the level of water resistance imparted to a sheet is dependent on the solids content of the sheet going in to the drying stage. Handsheets of higher solids content result in better sized sheets.

Keywords: Internal sizing, alkenyl succinic, anhydride, drying temperature, web moisture, alkaline papermaking