Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology

First Advisor

Dr. Alfred H. Nadelman


The survey of literature shows that very little work has been done showing the effect of small amounts of electrolytes on the properties of native corn starch. The literature seems to be in agreement in that electrolytes do effect gelatinization when added in small amounts before cooking. Just what role the anion or cation plays seems to be controversial.

Varying amounts of electrolytes with different cations but the same anion were added to different concentrations of native corn starch before cooking. Viscosities were then taken after cooking under a standard cooking procedure. The results seem to indicate that the mono valent cation electrolyte has slightly more effect on viscosity than the di valent cation electrolyte. The tri valent cation added resulted in a decided decrease in pH thus a decided decrease in viscosity. Upon further investigation it was found that the addition of this tri valent cation electrolyte has more effect than the corresponding cooks with the same pH derived by the addition of the related acid. This would seem to indicate further decrease in viscosity caused by the electrolyte.