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Bachelor of Science


Paper Science and Engineering


Cationic starches and anionic (oxidized) starches are compared in this thesis with respect to their effect upon dispersion. The methods used for determining dispersion quality were relative sediment volume (RSV) and the Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer. These methods are compared as to-their applicability for use as practical. tools in determining color dispersion quality. Limitations of RSV are discussed with regard to clay-starch mixtures. Comparisons are made using both types of starch on predispersed and undispersed clays. Hercules rheograms are compared for samples using both starches and clays at 40 percent solids. The rheograms indicate no difference between the cationic and anionic using undispersed clay, however, the predispersed clay s hows a slightly greater viscosity for the cationic I as compared to the anionic.